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Team Prime Kreation April 01, 2023

There are several factors about content that can make a website credible. Websites with neatly framed, engaging, useful, informative, and relevant content can establish the site as credible. The message should be researched, expressive, and signaturistic. It needs to put a stamp on expertise, accountability and authority in their niche. This wraps around the use of original research. User-Generated matter is also significant. Reviews, comments, ratings or testimonials can make a point on their trustworthiness. A  loyal community engages only on worthy websites. Images, videos, or infographics also constitute a visually appealing dynamic. Social proof such as endorsements, awards, or certifications show that they are well heard of among reputable organizations. A website that uses high-quality content, demonstrates expertise and authority, incorporates user-generated content, uses visual content, displays social proof, and provides clear contact information can establish itself as a credible and trustworthy source of information.

Publishing content written by a bot can harm a website's entire meaning. User experience, search engine rankings, and legal standing and the flowing are only a few in the long list.


Bots are programmed to follow a set of rules or they feed themselves off of existing data. They lack the creativity and imagination that humans are rich in, resulting in content that is dull and linear.


Bots cannot fact-check or verify the authenticity of the information they use as a human editor does. It is the inability to read between the lines that brings inaccurate or misleading text. What is the context of the presentation, what is the relevance, alternate phrases, repetitiveness, sarcasm, irony, or humor and reliance on pre-existing data are all the things that make the robotic article kind of a mish mash.

No Personalization

They cannot tailor the message to specific audiences or demographics. They run on a generic approach that fails bitterly in making the readers feel.


AI does not know layering. No clue on how to analyze and interpret complex gray areas of information, which may limit the scope of the content they produce.

Unnatural Language

The human touch can be captivating when it comes to writing. A language that may seem robotic, stilted or unnatural to readers is likely to go into the bin.

Mono Quality

As mentioned earlier, content generated by tweak bots lacks creativity, accuracy and personalization. No mood swings means mono quality content. It runs on a straight line.

Search Engine Penalties

Google prioritizes real content that is relevant to the keyword. When a website publishes low-quality bot-generated content, it may be penalized and pushed down in search engine rankings. Kind of blacklisting. This can lead to a decrease in traffic and revenue.

Search engine penalties are actions taken by search engines such as Google to penalize websites that violate their guidelines. These penalties can lead to a decrease in traffic, lower rankings and ultimately, revenue loss.

There are two main types of search engine penalties: manual penalties and algorithmic penalties.

  1. Manual penalties are applied by human reviewers who work for the search engine. They impose these penalties upon violations of the search engine's guidelines, such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, or link schemes. When a website is manually penalized, it will receive a notification in Google Search Console and will need to take corrective action to fix the problem.
  2. Algorithmic penalties are applied automatically by the search engine's algorithms. These penalties are usually triggered by factors that are deemed to be negative by the search engine, such as low-quality content, spammy links, or slow page speed. When a website is algorithmically penalized, it may not receive a notification but will see a decline in search engine rankings and traffic.

Publishing content written by a bot may lead to search engine penalties if the content is deemed to be low-quality, irrelevant, or spammy by the search engine. This can result in a decrease in traffic and revenue, as well as damage to the website's reputation and credibility. Therefore, it is important for website owners to ensure that the content they publish is deeply viewed by a competent human and is useful to readers.

Legal Risks

Legal risks such as copyright infringement, unlawful reproduction or misrepresentation are quite obvious. This can result in costly legal battles. Presently, many such legal battles are going on regarding the AI tools that generate images.


We are the kind of website builders in India who have given businesses a very strong hold just through the online presence. These businesses have published only those words that they mean. The result is a worry-free digital asset. 

How does AI source information?

By accessing vast databases

By browsing websites, articles, forums, blogs, etc.

Through observing interactions on social media sites.

Sometimes directly from chatbots and forms.

How does it turn that into a useful write up?

By reshuffling all of the above in an organized manner. 

It has no consideration for your customers whatsoever. AI is very rigid. Even its softer words have their roots in human input. Do you want to display a rigid language to your customers? 

These are the reasons that we, one of the oldest tech companies in Himachal Pradesh, do not depend on AI generated content even when we have multiple options easily available. We prefer to keep our business community close. 

Please tell us what are your views on this topic. We will appreciate your participation.

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