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An efficient software is the backbone of any digital establishment. Cleaner the code, efficient the workspace. We can proudly say that we have developed software that were free of flaws and bottlenecks. School management software, Travel management software, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical administration and many other industries have benefitted with our responsible software development. 

What you get:

  • Smoothness in administration
  • Macro and micro control over virtual activities
  • Ease of keeping files and records
  • Clear customer interaction
  • Savings on physical management expenses
  • Interdepartmental activities come under one roof

There are major types of industries for which we have ready to use software available. 
School management system: An educational institution has many facets of performance to deal with. There are students, guardians of the students, teachers, staff, higher administration, financial aspects etc. Our product brings all of these at one stop with seamless interconnectedness.
Travel management system: Similar to the schools, travel agencies have to constantly balance between customers, resources, hotels, departures, seasonal pricing and many other things. Our product - TRAVEL DESK bridges the inconsistencies through a single solution catering to all aspects of a standard travel business. 
Healthcare management system: The modern approach to healthcare is highly sensitive to patients and their valuable time. Our solution- HEALTH DESK cuts down the unnecessary delays with features that can connect the patient directly to appointments and doctors directly to diagnostic centres and pharmaceutical agencies. It is not only great at complete record keeping but also good at forecasting rush hours. The minimal dependence on handwritten practices removes discrepancies among different segments of healthcare providers.
Custom Software: Every industry and every business in that respective industry has its own set of challenges. Prime Kreation is here to create a custom software for you to meet the needs specific only to your organization. Efficiency is just a message away.

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