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Ecommerce websites and applications are the ones that demonstrate sales all the time. No battalion of sales persons is needed, no fancy stores are required and no haggling has to be tolerated. Your customer views the product, adds to cart, makes the payment and you ship it straightaway from the warehouse. The recent changes in the past few years have heavily relied on the soft surface to make the sales and the market is nowhere seen to return to the dependence on physical sales. We understand such market dynamics and develop ecommerce websites meant to do the sales for your audience. Each industry is different and each business within that industry is different too. Our techies hold on to the prescribed design and develop the site to make the customer journey seamless. Rely on us to get minimum downtime and high traffic handling. Your ecommerce project will have absolutely no bottlenecks, safety of customer information, secure payment gateways and everything possible under the sky to make it highly sales-friendly. 
The Components Breakdown
The Interface: Also called as the Frontend, this is the part of your e-store that will mark the first impression on your customers. We make all the functionalities well interconnected to the interface so that your customer can enjoy a smooth sail. What is seen here has its basics in the code and we like to call it 'behind the scenes labour'. It's interactive, tidy and inviting. We develop such e-com stores that your customers would love to shop there often.
The Dashboard: This is the interface that is visible only to the merchant. It has several controls layered upon one another to allow the merchant staff to handle the inventory and other editing on your e-com store.
Product Categorisation: here you can list that under which heads and subheads will you list your product. This can have further sorting on the individual basis. 
Product Page: A product page is where you will display your individual product, add its description and other features related to only that product. 
Authentication and Authorisation: This is the sign in section for your visitors. Every e-com site must have visitor authentication to process the purchase. 
Cart: Like any standard cart, a virtual cart is where the customers will add their purchased items before moving on to the payment section. A cart must keep a record of what items are there or were there before the purchase was made so that when the visitor comes back, his selected item is still there. 
Billing and Checkout: This requires very high safety as here your site will get connected to the payment gateway. The final billing along with all the discounts, coupons, etc. are displayed here. Once the process is complete, the visitor has to make a checkout. 

  • Shipping
  • Confirmation
  • Sales Return and Review
  • Feedback
  • After-Sale Service


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