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Digital marketing is undoubtedly the major growth sector in an industry struggling with recession and regular updates from digital platforms. Traditional marketing techniques like print advertisements and direct mail have all suffered, but there are digital alternatives which are more prevalent, such as digital billboards and transport advertisements, and advertisements in digital print media and mobile applications for traditional publications.

Prime Kreation is coined from “Sales & Marketing with Information Technology‟ which aptly defines Digital Marketing era. Prime Kreation set up in 2013 with an ideology to make digital marketing more popular in Himachal Pradesh. We have a team of professional employees from Marketing & I.T. background with a cumulative experience of over 15+ years. Prime Kreation currently has an office in Solan and employs 15+ full-time resources, besides 10+ virtual resources.

We had done a literature review covering various research reports and research papers that was carried out between duration of 2001 to 2017. Till date whatever research was done in digital marketing is limited to only a few particular areas, such as digital marketing awareness, Web Development and acceptance in the market.

But no study has been conducted on digital marketing preference, attitude, and perception. So, in order to full fill this gap we had undertaken research on awareness, perception and comparative position of digital marking with traditional marketing. Himachal is more dependent on Agriculture & tourism sector. We have surveyed 100+ industrialists, Agriculturists, and other Showroom of the area of Himachal.

Among them, most of the industrialist are doing Email Marketing and Google Adwords but no one working on organic Digital Marketing and even they have a negative perception for SEO as they need instant results and Agriculturist didn’t have an idea about this Digital Marketing. Primary objectives behind the studies are to know perception level, the awareness level of digital marketing and maximum digital activities are done by the industrialist.

Main objectives behind doing digital marketing are for creating social/business network drive sales, to increase visibility & brand awareness, and engaging customer. Drive sales are the only objective for doing business activities. Industrialists are more conscious about their market reputation, so they are creating their social/ business network using digital marketing.

Mean score analysis reveals that the maximum of the respondents agreed on the matter that the reach of digital marketing at a large scale. Most of the industrialists are keener on Social Media activities of Facebook.

Through the study, we came to know that Digital marketing is an emerging area especially in these days of instant results. According to the result revealed from the study, we can say that most of the respondents are accepting the new way of doing the marketing as compared to the traditional marketing. From all of the respondents, most of the tourism sector people are aware of the digital marketing services and most popular services they use are Google Adwords and Facebook Marketing to generate instant leads.

Most of the respondents said that digital marketing is costly but more flexible. Industrialist spent only 10 percentages for their digital marketing services management from overall yearly expense at the end of the research we found that still, approximately 30 percentage industrialists will like to switch over from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2019.
Few months left for the Year 2018. We must use this time to examine and rethink marketing strategy for the next year 2019. Let’s start analyzing what will be in a box of Digital marketing for the Year 2019.

1) Content Improvements:
Main Pillar of digital marketing is Content and now it’s about content clusters. Content clusters will be most important in 2019. That is a group of stories/details/ information related to products/services or topics you are writing about. Content in clusters for same topic signal to search engines that you are an expert within the category, as such you are more likely to have the top spot.

2) Snack Ads:
‘Snack ads ‘are short videos of 10 seconds long. As we know that nowadays there is a lot of video content on the internet. So it’s better to work on short videos with the message/advertisement.

The audience loses interest in a Long video of 60 seconds or more.
Expect to see shorter ads being used more by brands in the near future, to try keeping their audience engaged. Snack ads are recently seen most on apps like Hot star with small ads

3) Chatboxes:
Chatbots are on the rise, taking over customer service for many brands. As per predictions 85% of customer interactions are predicted to be dealt with by chatbots by the year 2020. As we can’t expect when the customer will reach you in 24 Hours so there must be someone to respond to customers, so is the requirement of Chatbots for a 24/7 response between your audience and the firm.

The customer is satisfied when he is responded as per his satisfaction as he always has many questions before buying/availing your services. We know Facebook messenger has a Click through Rate (CTR) of more than 80% and you can customize automated responses in it. This has huge market potential.
Let’s find a chatbot and start using it. NOW!

4) Social Media:
Social Media isn’t a new trend but it is extending day by day and the maximum of the population nowadays is linked through the Social media channel. So this is the best and important in digital advertising.

Brands are adopting a more result-oriented approach these days. They are developing long-term relationships with customers as these long-term relationships allow for the two parties to grow together and produce more organic endorsements. It’s easy to reach customers through social media again and again once you have connected.

5) Transparency:
For years marketing has had a negative stigma around it, marketers and sales representatives are perceived as self-serving and deceitful due to their unethical sales/advertising techniques.

So now we need to adopt the approach of pure transparency, admitting where there are faults or areas the product/brand doesn’t cover, as well as addressing negative feedback directly. There should be the scope of open two-way communication channels with their consumers to help form better relationships and build trust.

6) Mobile Marketing:
As we know more 90% of people worldwide use mobile and users spend an average of 2.9 hours on mobile daily compared to 2.2 hours on the desktop. By 2019 79% of advertising spend will be on mobile advertising and 80% of social media time is spent on mobile.

And 88% of users who search for a local business on the mobile visit it within 24 hours and 89% of mobile usage is spent on apps. Most of the people use mobile and have access to the internet almost anywhere they go.

Thus, the importance of mobile marketing is evident and brands are putting more emphasis on their mobile marketing campaigns and that’s why you should be adopting a mobile marketing strategy for your brand too.

Now, let’s have a look at what are the digital marketing trends for 2020?
One of the most asked questions in the Digital Marketing industry is about Trends that – “What are the latest Trends?”
And companies always try to be on top by adopting the newest and latest innovations in the digital marketing industry and these innovations/changes in marketing strategies make a direct impact on marketing campaigns. We are just coming to the end of the year 2018, but there are trends that are catching everyone’s attention and slated to grow over the next several years.

1. Customer-Centric Marketing–
Personalizing marketing is not new to brands, but as we know data plays the main role nowadays, customizing your message has become even more targeted. “Marketers have always wanted to know what their customers are thinking and accordingly they make strategies,” “But, now the industry has the ability to embrace a customer-centric mindset because we have the data to analyze and to support it. Previously, it was a guessing game, but with this information, we can truly deliver what the buyer wants.”

2. Google AdWords-
Google AdWords the most trusted player for years for paid marketing and generating business but, just like everything else, it continues to evolve. Gone are the days when simple PPC campaigns are made to bring traffic and generically produced keywords. Google’s latest technology and updates revolve around customer-centric marketing.

3. Voice Search Marketing-
Recently it is predicted that by 2019, 67 million voice devices will be homes and offices across the United States alone. While many consumers are using this technology to search on Google, sending voice messages on Whatsapp, making shopping lists and listen to the latest music, a major shift is quickly happening towards the way advertising is conducted.

As assumed Brands have already started understanding that these devices present a unique opportunity to make ordering easier, and by formulating campaigns using past purchase information, shoppers can buy a product simply by using their voice.

Question is does this technology will come to India by next year or will it be popular in the United States only?
Yes, India will also on the top of the voice marketing strategy and we need to look at how this technology can be implemented at the earliest.
We can guess that it may take a little bit of time before buyers are comfortable ordering a product verbally by size and name, instead of visually from a logo and packaging.

Thus, the future of marketing is looking to become a more responsive, authentic, and analytical as we embrace new media, platforms, and opportunities. But, the primary goal is to choose the best option for our clients as we guide them through the changes in the years to come.

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