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Modes of e-learning/digital learning
Modes of e-learning or digital learning scope are computer-based, mobile-based, video-based and educational games. Mix traditional and digital e-learning modes.

1. Web-based learning/online learning
This requires a well-functioning internet connection with good bandwidth and compatible software. The learners will access the information through the web and learn at their own pace in their own place. Such modes e-learning digital learning scope saves the travel time to classrooms.

2. Computer-based learning
It can work on an intranet (the network of computers within the premises). Computer instructs the learners and the teacher can also monitor the progress. It does not require an internet connection.

3. CD-ROM instruction material
The compact-disks record the information and the learner can run the CD-ROM on their own computer.

4. Webinars
Webinars are online workshops or mass video conferencing through the internet. A single video can host a very large group of people, interact with them and solve their queries.

5. Virtual learning
Virtual learning enables students to visualize themselves sitting in the classroom from their own place. Some digital devices and software create a virtual environment that mimics the desired environment of learning. Most astronauts learn through virtual learning environment like these Modes e-learning or digital learning scope.

7. Mobile Learning
Learners access their learning material on their own mobile devices. Learners can access information on notepads, tablets, mobile phones, and MP3 players. Podcasts and educational apps are examples of mobile learning. Mobile learning also includes sessions for online forums and group chats to learn communally.

8. Video-based Learning
Video-based learning is highly interactive and engaging. Videos of the learning material are given to the students which they can view any number of times. The videos catch the attention of the student and they remain glued to the topic.

9. Custom eLearning
Every institution can distinguish its modes of teaching according to the requirement. Technologies and methods are customized to the demand of the institution. Custom e-learning is specific to the associated organization.

10. Off-the-shelf eLearning
Off-the-shelf learning material is mass produced for the general public. E-books and readily available videos and audios are examples of such e-learning.

11. Educational Games
The attention of students of young age improves with educational games. From table manners to complex geometrical problems, games engage students in every aspect. It also drives in the participation of the learner.

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