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Why they are different and which is effective for your business?

We all know about the term “Website” today. This is also the web presence of any business. Even in this digital era, people are still in doubt about the term Website. So, here is a small description:

“A website is a collection of web pages which are interlinked together, publically accessible and shared under the single domain name.”

Any website which is publically accessible constitutes the World Wide Web. The websites are composed of the content which can be of any type. The material under the websites is an endless concept to know because, with the modernization of technology, the people working at the back end also updates their way and techniques to work on and also the content according to visitors’ interests.

This blog is just a small piece of text that will be going to make you well-informed about the difference between the Static and Dynamic Websites.

a) The content is fixed.
b) It uses HTML as a programming language to develop a website.
c) The main advantage of the static website is flexibility.
d) For every single request, it gives the same result for HTML pages.
e) The content can be changed if someone publishes in the pages & send it to the web server.
f) There is no need for web-programming and database knowledge.
a) The content doesn’t remain fixed and changes as per the user input.
b) It uses the server-side scripting languages to develop a website such as PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, and SERVLET.c) The advantage of the dynamic website is the Content Management System.
d) For every request, it may give a different result for HTML pages.
e) The website has the server-side code which simply allows the server to load the unique content every time.
f) There is a requirement of web-programming and database knowledge.

As the above table is clearing the very basic difference between both the types of websites. Now we are going to have our eye on the main concern that is “ Which one is required by your business?”

We all are aware of the fact that once all of the sites were static. But the changes in the technology brings dynamic sites too to work on.

We know that the technical part does not generate interest in the business minds. So, there is a very simple thing that the online presence of any business or professional work is the requirement of today’s growing world. It is the face of your product for digital marketing.

Some of the well-known types of businesses’ online existence are in the form of :

  • Websites.
  • Web Portals.
  • Blogging.
  • Web Applications.
  • Mobile Applications.
  • E-commerce sites.
  • Forums.

Therefore, you can opt for one of the options above for your business. According to the requirements and the trend in the market go for the one and expand over the digital world.

Both static and dynamic websites are having there own pros and cons. But still, the dynamic website has an edge over the static website. These are widely used by big and also small brands all over the world. Without any doubt, it must be the best option to select. We all know that technology changes regularly so going with the latest applications we definitely going to have the benefit over those who are not evolving their business.

These websites are perfect for the very big information and trending functionalities which you will not get with the static ones. These are also much more interactive than static.

So, you must have the question in your mind that for what purpose static websites are there. Let me tell you the importance of static websites as well.

If you are a small business and want to create something for a temporary purpose with the small budget then, you can move on to the Static Website. It will save your time, money and resources in a far better way.

While a dynamic page is whenever accessed, first the code of the page is parsed on the Web Server and the following HTML is sent to the client’s server which takes the time and also the resources.

Some other advantages of the static website are easy to develop, secure by default, quick to load and great for SEO.

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