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Craft and Skewers located on the high street in the historic market town of Newport Pagnell serves Indian food with the casual aura of a pub.

Craft and Skewers has a  notion of unpredictability in the dishes, carefully selected and cooked to perfection. Tandoor sits in the centre of the menu churning out delicious tandoori delicacies. They promote all sorts of local, freshly grown ingredients to offer a combination of dishes that are healthy, unique and appetising. They specialize in serving sundry forms of craft beers and cocktails. With BT Sport and sky, you’ll have exclusive access to all televised live sporting events in HD. There is a great atmosphere surrounded by friends and family. Our web design style syncs to this notion of warmth and novelty. The website development in Northampton has been one of the great experiences we had with our clients in United Kingdom. The design and development incorporates elements of Indian casualness and English tidyness. 

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  • Indian food with the casual aura of a pub
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