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Creative Journeys provide tours all over India but are specialized in North & North East India, Nepal & Bhutan. Their main motto is “to create the tailor made and exclusive tours so you could come to know more about the country, people, food, culture and more."

Creative Journeys provide the best of travel-related services full of creativity. It’s the brainchild of two creative minds who worked before in different travel atmospheres from making travel arrangements to guiding their guest around India. They are not confined to booking hotels, arranging transportation etc., but apart from that they provide very first-hand travel experiences like showing them real and authentic things, to let them experience the best of the culture, religion, and the local lifestyle and to explore the unexplored. For us, this is a project of travel website design and development in Kangra, Dharamshala. The client provides travel services across the country to both domestic as well as international tourists. Our selection of theme and features on the website is coherent to their international standards. 

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