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Ekant Retreat Resort over the years has become the number one choice of Tourists coming to Chail for Stay & Leisure
Developing a strong online presence for a bespoke hotel property can be a challenging project. We have worked with careful planning and execution to create a website in Shimla that showcases the essence of this isolated property. It helps attract potential guests. There were established goals and objectives of the development process. We wanted it to generate bookings, showcase the resort's unique features, or provide information to potential guests coming to Chandigarh and Shimla. Understanding the beautiful silence helped us create a clear vision for the design. Knowing their target audience helped us create content and design elements that appeal to the end user. Considering the features and functionality it needed, we determined the best match would be a static website development.

The static and dynamic website design should match the sophistication of the retreat. We considered the color scheme, typography, and imagery that will best showcase your Ekant's features and amenities.

Website content should be informative, engaging, and accurate. We placed accurate photos and videos of rooms, amenities, and surrounding areas, as well as descriptions of your services and offerings as provided by the client to beat competition in Zirakpur Shimla Solan and Chail.

Backend is optimized for Google search engines by its neat and light code. Later on we included relevant keywords and meta descriptions. This helps potential guests find Ekant  when searching online for hotels in Chandigarh, Ambala, Shimla, Chail and Kufri. Once development was complete, we launched it and promoted it and maintained it. Developing a website for a bespoke hotel property can be a complex project, but by following the right steps and working with a professional web designer or developer, you can build an online presence that effectively promotes your hotel and attracts potential guests.

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